Cisco VPN client minimizes to taskbar immediately when opened

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I had some problems with Cisco VPN client 5.0.07 today, when I would start it, it would just go straight to taskbar, the window would stay minimized and wouldn’t open when I click on it. The only way to open it was to hover with the mouse pointer over the taskbar and then right-click the pop up window and click ‘Maximize’. I little time on Google and I found the solution to the problem.

The problem can be fixed by editing the vpnclient.ini file inside the “C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client” folder as is stated in one of the answers on this page.

Edit the following lines (if you have numbers bigger then 42949 like 4294916329 just delete everything but the first five numbers, and leave 42949, that worked for me.):
You can put smaller numbers in the values it will work also.
On Microsoft Answers someone also said that the problem can be the values of (they were 0 in my case but it they are also high numbers change them to 0:

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