Fixed: Unable to install Cisco IPSec VPN client, error 27850, The file ‘dneinobj.dll’ on Deterministic Network Enhancer disk is needed

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I had to install a Cisco VPN client 5.0.07. to a Windows XP Embedded computer today and during installation I got a Files Needed message “The file ‘dneinobj.dll’ on Deterministic Network Enhancer disk is needed

If I would click cancel I would get a Installer Information with message “Error 27850. Unable to manage networking component. Operating system corruption may be preventing installation“.

I never got this message on any other computer when installing Cisco VPN client, so a searched a computer with an installed Cisco client on it for the named files and transferred the files from there. Besides dneinobj.dll file you might also get the same message about the files dne32x.sys, dne64x.sys,, dne2000.exe, dne2000.inf, DNE2000.sys,,dne2000m.inf that they are needed.

If you get the Files needed message about any of the files listed above try this:

  • Go to the computer with an installed Cisco VPN client and find the missing file on it. It’s likely going to be either in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Deterministic Networks folder, you can also take the missing files from the following zip file DNE
  • Copy the folders to the computer where the files are missing and when you get the Files needed message press the Browse button and select the location where you copied the files

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